Friday, July 10, 2009

If you can save yourself...

I don't have many friends but I know a lot of people and I think a lot about those people.  Most of them aren't close to me in any way; they don't frequent the same places as I do, they don't share my interests, they're not really a part of my world.  I think about them quite a bit because they fascinate me... and scare me a little bit too.  Some people's habits and interests are so alien to me that they might as well be a different race and in a strange way they are.  Not biologically speaking, of course, but what are we if not our tastes, talents and opinions?  I've found a stronger bond with someone who lives thousands of miles away who I've met once than with someone I shared every single day with for 10 years.  Although these kind of people occupy my mind from time to time they're nothing like the people who are closer to me, my familiar strangers if you like.  These are the people who claim to share my goals and passion and yet they're never pissed off, agitated or overly excited about anything... at least not when I communicate with them, which is always in punk-related environments.  It always seems to me that they have never understood punk for the threat it really is and if that's the truth I can't wait 'till they grow out of it.
What a bunch of fucking idiots.


This weekend will hopefully give birth to two very exciting projects; one is highly experimental and the other one is raging.  We'll be able to give you details on the fruits, or failures, of these projects sooner than later.  I can't wait and neither can you.

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