Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TENTACLES OF DOOM release show

Next Tuesday (July 2nd) TENTACLES OF DOOM will celebrate it's second CDEP release, Dansað við lík, which will come out on PBP that very same day (woah!). The EP contains 6 tracks, in just over 20 minutes, of lo-fi melodic punk rock, influenced by the likes of Wipers, Wire, Husker Du, Vonbrigði, X and Purrkur pillnikk. Grindcore youngsters LOGN and Husker Du wannabes THE DEATHMETAL SUPERSQUAD will join them on the bill. The show will be held at TÞM (practice space #12) and will begin at 8 pm. Free entry. The CD will be sold for 500 kr.

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